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We are situated on the southern side of Öjeberget, right in the middle of the pistes. The hotel is just 800 metres from the village and 1300 metres from the train station. We are 90 minutes from Gävle, less than 2 hours from Sundsvall and just over 3 hours from Falun and Stockholm. It’s easy to get here by train, bus or car.

Arriving by car

From Stockholm/Gävle/Uppsala:

Stockholm to Järvsö is 31 miles, including 22 miles by motorway. The journey takes just over 3 hours by car in normal traffic conditions. Take the E4 north towards Trafikplats Tönnebro then take the exit onto route 83 towards Järvsö. There are signs to Järvsö just after Trafikplats Tönnebro. The journey from Stockholm to Järvsö takes you past Arlanda, Uppsala, Gävle, Trafikplats Tönnebro and Bollnäs.

From Sundsvall:

The journey from Sundsvall to Järvsö is approximately 14 miles. The journey takes just under 2 hours by car in normal traffic conditions. Take the E4 south towards Hudiksvall then take the exit onto route 84 towards Delsbo. At Delsbo you can either continue on the 84 to Ljusdal then take the 83 south to Järvsö, or you can turn onto Kalvstigen towards Järvsö. From Falun: The journey from Falun to Järvsö is just under 16 miles. The journey takes just over 2 hours by car in normal traffic conditions. Take route 50 north towards Edsbyn, then turn left a few miles before Alfta onto Älvkarhedsvägen towards Edsbyn and continue past Harsa towards route 83. At route 83, turn left towards Järvsö.

Arriving by train

From Stockholm/Gävle/Uppsala:

SJ High-Speed and InterCity trains run from Stockholm to Järvsö station. You can choose to either take the direct route or change once at Gävle. The journey takes around 3 hours.

From Falun:

Trains run from Falun to Järvsö station. Depending on the ticket type, the journey takes between 3 hours 15 minutes and 3 hours 45 minutes.


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