Bergshotellet’s Covid-19 policy

Information on our Covid-19 policy

General information
Bergshotellet is open all year round. We follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s advice and recommendations and maintain a close dialogue with Ljusdal municipality and Region Gävleborg regarding measures to prevent the spread of infection in both the hotel and restaurant.

Public Health Agency of Sweden’s advice and restrictions from 9 February 2022.
All measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in hotels and restaurants were lifted on 9 February 2022 in line with the decision of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the government.

However, the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that individuals, staff and guests at the hotel continue to take the following precautions:

– Stay at home and avoid contact with others if you feel unwell and have Covid-19-like symptoms
– Unvaccinated individuals should continue to avoid crowds and large indoor gatherings.

Booking terms and conditions
The general booking terms and conditions applicable to the hotel and guests are governed by the Swedish Consumer Agency. If the Public Health Agency of Sweden again advises against unnecessary travel within Sweden or imposes other types of restrictions that will be in force on your arrival date, you will be entitled to rebook your stay in line with our General Booking Terms and Conditions and if you have cancellation and abandonment insurance.

If you feel unwell during your stay
Please notify reception if you experience a fever, cough, sneezing or other cold symptoms during your stay. Guests should contact 1177 (Swedish public healthcare service) for advice on the best course of action.

Detection of Covid-19
If a guest is diagnosed with Covid-19, regional infectious disease specialists will decide on the necessary measures to be taken.

The room concerned will be kept closed for 7 days following the guest’s departure and before cleaning takes place.

We use OrboTech ozone water to clean all areas of the hotel. This disinfecting ozone water, which has virucidal and bacterial properties, has proven effective in tests against viruses including coronavirus, hepatitis, influenza and measles.

Our rooms
We have enhanced our standard room cleaning process with the following measures:

– Cleaning of all contact surfaces including handles, taps, toilet flush buttons, etc. with OrboTech ozone water
– Cleaning of floors with OrboTech ozone water

Common areas and restaurant
We regularly clean all contact surfaces including payment terminals, the reception counter, keys, handles, taps, toilet flush buttons, etc. with disinfectant products.

Additional information
Guests can choose to have their room cleaned either daily, occasionally or at checkout only.

Visiting our restaurant
Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before meals, or use the hand sanitizer provided in the restaurant.

Our large outdoor dining area and terrace are open from morning to evening for guests who prefer to dine al fresco.

Guests can also order food and drinks, including alcohol, as part of their room service. This service is available for most of the day and evening.

Our stewards are on hand to direct guests to their tables for lunch and dinner.

General information
– Our staff regularly wash their hands with soap and hot water.
– Staff experiencing symptoms such as cough, cold or fever stay at home and avoid social contact.
– Our staff take a Covid-19 test if they have symptoms.